Our friends at zippia are the heroes we didn't know we needed and did some heavy lifting on what we’re doing during the pandemic. Just looking at the table, I figured it would all be booze related, to my genuine surprise, not so much, I mean, there are some references to itFor the most part, only about 20 percent of the country googled booze, we’ll go over that in a second. 

So what are we’re we looking up before we could leave our homes? Well, I know I made a booze comment previously, but, our noisy neighbors to the south, in Colorado googled asking how to stop drinking, and Nebraska googled Mikes Hard Lemonade. Those are the only close states with alcohol.  

On to more fun searches, in Montana, they looked up Webcams, weird flex, but ok. South Dakota made me laugh out loud with, how to move to Canada. Idaho wants to delete Facebook and Utah wants to know about the Dr. Pepper shortage. If you’re wanting to know which state probably had the worst search, and you were thinking, “I dunno, Missouri” you’re correct. They googled how to make meth. 

So what about the Cowboy State? You’re going to love this, and I feel like I have something to do with it. Hot Wings! Yes, we googled about hot wings, a lot, apparently. I mean, I’m all about scarfing down some wings and beers at the local wings eatery just the like the next guy, especially with the return of sports. So I get it. 

I think with this information, we should add more places to get wings, I’m just putting that out there. We should probably build local sports bars with all the wings. Clearly, that is that Wyoming cash cow. 

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