Go ahead and laugh if you will, but you won't think it's all that funny when you realize what the ancients used for t.p.

In every society, the well to do, always had access to the top of the line products. They used things such as sponges, wool and rosewater. Roses smell like...Andre 3000 was on to something!
Now the common folks didn't have the luxury, so they were relegated to whatever was at hand, literally...sticks, stones, leaves and even dry bones. Pity that dead animal, those bones will never rest in peace.
In the middle ages, nobles had a thing for silk or goose feathers...with the pliable neck attached. Middle Ages people weren't squeamish.
America was introduced to t.p. in 1857. It was sold in a package as loose sheets, however it was deemed no better than available sand paper. It was a flop!.
Englishmen Walter Alcock created the first perforated sheets, in 1879. It only took a year for the Scott Brothers of Philadelphia to see the potential in the U.S. They introduced to the market Waldorf Tissue, later to become Scott Tissue.
The timing was perfect for the brothers. By this time there were enough bathrooms to make t.p. a viable product and a success..


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