Look, there's no reason to throw shade at people who search recipes as they try and make due with the current Thanksgiving/COVID situation. But, a lot of these things that are Googled the most per state, don't have a whole lot to do with trying to make your dead Aunt Patsy's famous green bean casserole. The good people of Zippia researched what is the most embarrassing Thanksgiving Google search from each state, and they do not disappoint. Here's how they found the results.

Using Google Trends, we determined the most embarrassing thing each state googles for Thanksgiving more than any other. Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because people Google pretty transparently, with no self-conscious thoughts. Although judging from the data, maybe they should feel a little self-conscious.

We look at searches ranging for the week of Thanksgiving 2019, giving us a good look into what people are thinking during Turkey week- and Turkey day itself.

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from unpleasant family situations, awkward bathroom problems, fast food restaurants, cringey social media memes, and other queries you might not be super proud of searching.

They also note to not stop googling, this isn't a "Google Shame". So, take that for what it's worth.

The list has some pretty funny google searches, Maine Googled toilets are clogged, while Indiana is asking how to unclog a toilet without a plunger. From my time in southern Indiana, I can tell you that plungers do exists at any department or hardware store.

What about around the Cowboy state? Our noisy neighbors to the South in Colorado are Googling the Butterball Turkey Hotline, good luck, friends. Idaho can't stand hanging out with their in-laws apparently, because they're looking up Divorce, Montana wants to know how to cough and Nebraska needs to break the awkward silence so they look up knock-knock jokes. But what about the Cowboy state? Well, we may be going to someone's house who doesn't quite make the best food ever, so we're looking up, Is McDonald's Open?

Here's a look at the map.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

Make sure you get some good coffee on the way to Grandma's from McDonald's if you find out they're open.

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