Yesterday I asked on Facebook, what local Cheyenne restaurant everyone thought needed to be a national franchise. I figured I would get several different options, but I was actually wrong. Big surprise, what I think not happening, story of my life. But I digress. There was one BIG response. Overwhelming, would be how I'd describe it.

Out of all the responses, I'd say 90 percent said 2 Doors Down. I do not disagree. They have easily the best burger in the city. The endless fries are a great addition, though, I'm pretty full by the time I make it through my burger.

In my personal opinion, 2 Doors Down is what Red Robin should be. Their fries are burgers are similar, but 2 Doors Down makes a much better burger. Going head to head, I'd take 2 Doors Down every time if I was offered a burger from Red Robin. So, yeah, I totally get the great and passionate response I received on our Facebook post.

Some honorable mentions on this list included Hambones Pizza(my favorite pizza place) Little Philly and Mort's Bagels. I've not had the last two, but I'll make sure they're on my to do list for Cheyenne dinning.

What do you think? Are you team 2 Doors Down, or are you thinking something else? Feel free to message the app or go to our Facebook post and make your voice heard.

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