Former President Bill Clinton is coming to Cheyenne this week on the campaign trail for his wife Hillary. Here's five places we think he should visit during his trip to the Capital City.

1. Al's Green Door - Slick Willy's love for the ladies is well documented. And, since he's not very picky, he'll surely enjoy the scenery at Cheyenne's only gentlemen's club. The former President will especially appreciate the history of the establishment, which once featured the country's only one-armed exotic dancer.

2. 2 Doors Down - Clinton's taste for cheeseburgers is also well known. Why not treat him to the best burger in town?

3. F.E. Warren Air Force Base - As a history buff, the former Commander-in-Chief would love to see the missiles used to defend our country during his formative years.

4. Niemann and Sons Music -  Should he feel the urge to play the saxophone during his trip, Bubba could stop by for a quick jam session at this local music shop.

5. City News - As a connoisseur of fine cigars, the Prez could find a nice stogie to puff on at this downtown news stand. He could also pick up a magazine and catch up on the latest political headlines.

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