It's been a long, or relatively short feeling, winter for all of us, BUT, finally, as we defrost and deflect the random blasts of cold air Old Man Winter is going to give us before Spring officially springs, things to do around town are popping up again. I'm not saying it's a weekend packed full of stuff like between June and December, but, hey, it's not January. We're super fortunate here in the Cowboy State, that we still have some music and comedy acts making their way to Cheyenne to perform, in a limited seating.


Whitey Morgan is hitting the stage tonight at Terry Bison Ranch. Tickets are 20 bucks and the show kicks off at 7. I saw Whitey Morgan a few years ago or so, and if you're into the older, real-sounding country music, this should be your jam. He's got an awesome sound.


Cheyenne Winter Farmer's Market continues tomorrow from 9am to 1pm. You'll be able to get all kinds of great local goods. Just check out this cake! The early spring crops should be coming in soon, so that will be cool to get some great local veggies and meat. Get pumped.

Railyard Coffee Haus & Eatery is hosting their monthly Cars & Coffee. Check out a ton of local classic cars and enjoy some great coffee. The fun starts at 10 am.

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Comedy Campouts Pajama Party should be a good time, enjoy some laughs, lounge in your pajamas if you haven't had enough of that from the past year, and help out Safe House of Cheyenne.

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