Did you feel that when you walked outside this morning? It wasn't freezing cold. It was...warmish. I'll take it, it's looking like a nice weekend ahead of us. What do we do when we have a nice weekend ahead of us? Get out, stretch our legs and enjoy the Capitol City.

Downtown Runaround Scavenger Hunt

The Mayor's Council and the Downtown Development Authority have teamed up for a free event for Children 13 and under, starting tomorrow, March 27th running through April 3rd. Fun prizes will be award for completion of the scavenger hunt.

Brew Battle 2021

If you're a homebrewer wanting to strut your stuff, this event is for you. Local homebrewers will be in a competition Saturday thanks to the Wyoming Brewer's Festival.

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The Art Of Story Telling-Celebrating 35 Years Of Pixar

Ready to get your Pixar on? Cheyenne Events will show the best of the best from Pixar. So you can pack up the kids for a fun filled Pixar event.

Beach Please And Alf's Pub Present Adult Night

If you haven't had a chance to try the awesome drinks at Beach Please, make sure you check them out with this awesome event Saturday. Spoiler alert, it's Adult Night because the drinks may or may not have booze in them. Fun!

Now you have plenty to do, everything from, fun with the kids to having an adult drink at Beach Please. We're full steam ahead to April and the city is starting to come to life. Let's have some fun this weekend.


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