I get it, we all like to put some “fluff” on our resumes when they aren’t quite up to snuff for a position that we’d like to have, but Zippia found a list of words on resumes for each state that seems...a bit off. Kind of like they put it on there, but it did the opposite of what they would really want it to. Here is how they found the list. 

We gathered up the most disproportionately common interests found on people’s resumes in each state across the country, by analyzing a veritable boatload of resumes. 3,543,017 to be exact. We then looked at which keywords appeared in people’s additional interests the most across the country. Then we made a nifty map, because, maps are fun. 

Is to be mindful of the words you put into your resume. Most of the time when companies look at them, they scan for keywords—just like we did here. If you’re dropping in subtle mentions of “Kardashians,” believe us, it will be noticed. (And not necessarily in a good way.) 


Looking around the Cowboy State, Colorado put Cardistry, which is a weird form of playing card art from what I can tell, weird resume flex, but whatever. Montana put’s “wife” which, I hope they are using as their reference. Idaho wants to flex in the most literal sense with “Bodybuilder”. Nebraska wants you to know about their sweet basketball moves and chose “hooping” and South Dakota chose ghosts. 

Here in Wyoming, for whatever reason, we’re using the word  “Dude”. I can only guess that’s more of a ranching term? Otherwise, I expect people to sound like Spicoli in Fast Times At Ridgemont High more, throwing in a DUDE, like DUDE,” more often.  

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