The Mullen Fire burning in Medicine Bow National Forest is at 13,504 acres with 2% containment as of late Monday. The fire has prompted evacuations and calls to prepare to evacuate several areas in Albany County, Wyoming.

If a wildfire is threatening your property, what should you do? The United State Forest Service provides this checklist to help people that may be in dangerous fire areas prepare to evacuate.

Fire Evacuation Check List:

  • Have at least 1/2 tank of fuel in your vehicle at all times. Flashlight, portable radio
  • Round up your pets: get them secured and ready to go into the car with no way of escape before they are loaded into the car (this is especially important with cats)
  • Make a prior arrangement to contact a neighbor or friend who might be available to help you in an evacuation situation with loading or driving a second or third vehicle, or to help with large animals such as horses/ penned animals etc
  • Have pet carriers, leashes, food bowls, food, litter boxes, litter, and other pet needs ready to go & ready for car (store in a secure place so these are easily loaded into the car)
  • Have very important files, back‐up disks, plug‐in USB virtual drive, small compact file box ready to go
  • Include such things as homeowner’s policy, auto policies, life & investment files, bank records, legal documents, licenses, etc. (or store in a fireproof safe or fireproof bunker)
  • Computer CPU (hard‐drive most important) if you have no back‐ups
  • Photograph albums, photo CDs, etc, ‐ Have these ready, packed, stored in a secure place to go immediately into car (or store in a fireproof safe)
  • Cameras & expensive jewelry or important electronic devices
  • Suitcase filled with old but useable clothing, socks, underwear, jackets, sweatshirt, extra shoes, etc. Keep this packed ahead. Include a bag for him and for her of toiletry items, including: deodorant, disposable shavers, extra toothbrushes, shampoo & shaving cream, toothpaste, extra regular medications to last a few days
  • If you have enough room, consider a few items from your camping or picnic supplies. Pillows & light blankets (in case you might have to sleep outside while evacuated)
  • If time, draft e‐mail, send to friends and family about your intentions
  • All household & car keys, wallet, handbag, cell phones & any credit cards you keep in a drawer that you might need
  • Complete phone list or phone address book (snail and e‐mail), including cell phones of neighbors, family
  • Special or valuable items (make your own list)
  • Close all windows, close all interior doors, remove curtains from area of windows
  • Turn off propane gas at tank, remove BBQ propane tank, take it with you or store in a secure place such as a bunker or away from your house
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