We're running a Win Cash contest right now, where some lucky folks could win either $1,000 or $10,000! So it has me thinkin'.... what I would do with that kinda cash.

It wasn't all that long ago that I was livin' a much different big-city life. Up until 6 months ago, I called myself a Chicagoan--and as you can imagine, life can get pretty pricy in THAT Windy City.

Gas is more expensive. Houses are more expensive. Heck, everything is more expensive due to having one of the highest sales taxes in the country (and don't get me started on state tax, which is sure to leave your mouth ajar).

So my return to Wyoming's state capitol was a pleasant experience for a number of reasons. Less stress. More financially affordable for my pocketbook. Close to family and friends.... but you better believe, if I won (or found. Laying on the ground. Or thrown away in some long-forgotten trash bin) $1,000 in cash, I'd be able to put it to some good use.

Here's what I would spend $1,000 in cash on in Cheyenne.... what about you?

You can find out more about how you can win $1,000 by listening to our stations, or you can head over to our VIP contest site, and sign up for a chance to win $10,000! (Oh, my. I think I might need another post for where I'd spend THAT money....)

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    $: Candles

    from Kiki's Kandles

    Sounds like a random, odd pick, right? Well, hear me out. Candles can virtually transform a dusty room that smells like worn carpeting and grandma's lap blanket, into a field of fresh daisies or freshly laundered cotton.

    Kiki's has some quality stuff, but they're a little bit more pricy than say....your big-box-store candles. For that matter, ANY candles, whether you buy them from Bath and Body Works or Wal-Mart, will be more expensive than a bottle of Febreeze.

    So yes...a luxury I would definitely splurge on.

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    $: Bubble Tea

    The Paramount Cafe

    Yep, another, "Hold the reigns! What?!" item. I have a budget, ya'll. I make coffee at home everyday. Buying any sort of beverage...whether it's from the Paramount, Starbucks or even Ruby Juice, is a major treat. And it just so happens that a bubble tea is $5 a pop.

    Yep. I'd buy one of these babies first, then spend the other $995 elsewhere in town!

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    $: Keurig KCup Flavors

    Bed, Bath and Beyond

    Going corporate for this one... I have a Keurig. Hence how I so easily and routinely manage to make the aforesaid cup of coffee every morning. But I stick to buying whatever KCups I either (a) have a coupon for, or (b) are on sale.

    Yeah. Even if they taste like tar, I'm still buyin' and drinkin' 'em.

    So for this splurge, I'd head over to BB&B, grab my 20% off coupon, and check out their WALL of Keurig flavors. And buy...oh...gee...maybe a handful of different kinds!

    Look out, Cheyenne! Reese is goin' WILD!

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    $: Fun targets

    Sportsman's Warehouse

    I am just now learning to shoot a gun--and it's a super expensive hobby! Bullets, casings, cleaning tools, cute pink ear protection thingys... it's like I'm firing off dollar bills each time I head to the gun range.

    But usually when I'm there, I reach for the plain ole-fashioned target. White box. Black crosshairs. Red bullseye.

    I would TOTALLY spend money on buying fun targets. Like a zombie rat. Or Walking Dead characters. Or possibly ghosts.

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    $-$$: Painted Pottery

    Graffito Paint Your Own Pottery

    If you haven't painted your own pottery yet, you MUST. You can usually blow a whole day in one of these studios. Talking with friends. Drinking the aforesaid expensive bubble tea. And just getting in touch with your creative side.

    Here's the deal: I've only ever done the small things there. But I see the BIG pitchers, bowls, wall clocks, etc. and have only dreamed of painting something that large.

    Some extra cash in my pocket would make it worth it. And I wouldn't feel horrible if it came out looking like a 2-year-old made it. It's the experience that's worthwhile!

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    $$: Massage, Pedicure, Manicure

    Adora Day Spa

    Oooh yeah. Let's get into the pricy stuff, shall we? I would love to spend a day covered and caked in mud. Massaged within an inch of my life. With beautifully lacquered nails, polished toes, and my hair wrapped in a towel. Heck, throw in the cucumbers on my eyes and some soft tunes. I'll be putty.

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    &&: Horseback Riding + Picnic

    Terry Bison Ranch

    Romannnnntic. Imagine me with some glorious leather riding boots, a beautiful stallion, the wide open outdoors of Wyoming in the summer, and a picnic. I've always wanted to ride out here in the West, but the prices can get sort of expensive for a guided tour that only lasts an hour or so. This would ensure that I (1) don't fall off my horse and can afford a guide, (2) that it's not over in an hour and I can spend some quality time out being rough 'n' rugged, (3) I can finally check off a bucket list item!

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    $$-$$$: A Great Meal

    Morris House Bistro

    Cute, quaint, delish and a unique experience in town. It's a small place, and reservations/plans need to be made ahead of time to dine there. Which often means that my friends and I choose to just go someplace else.

    Sad, right?

    I want to plan a special night, with great food, and maybe enjoy the cute little patio.

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    $$$: A Gorgeous Throw Rug

    Ashley Furniture

    Alright, I'm slipping in one more national store. But hey...have you looked at the prices of rugs these days? To get a SIZEABLE one (I'm talking 8x10 or 10x14), you're looking anywhere between $600 and $1400.

    Over the years I've kept my eyes out at IKEA, Target, or Overstock, for anything $100 or less. Well..you can imagine that it isn't the BEST quality I'm finding. So..add this fantastic purchase to my list!

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    $$$: Flowers and Dirt


    I don't have a specific landscaper in mind...but let me tell you, landscaping is time intensive, and A LOT of work.

    This is the first time I've ever lived in an actual house on my own. And I'm still learning the ins and outs of starting a lawn mower, figuring out how to "edge" my sidewalks, and learning to compost.

    So yes... I'll be honest here. I'd blow the whole $1,000 on having a gorgeous, flower-filled yard that's ready for spring. That birds are attracted to. That bees come and pollinate. That I can just sit outside and admire.

    Oh yes...maybe I should move this one to #1....

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