We've all searched for something using Google, but when it comes to brand names, what’s the top brand name that people in Wyoming are searching on Google?

Finance company Direct Capital did some research on Google trends for top brands, and they broke it down per state, revealing what state used Google to search for brands like McDonald’s, Dell, or Amazon.com, and like the uniqueness of every state, the brands we search for are also as unique as the states themselves.

According to techtimes.com, two major vacation states, Florida and Hawaii searched for Disney and Hyatt the most, although Florida’s most searched brand seems to be UPS.   Sam Walton’s home state of Arkansas top search is for, what else, Walmart.

The beer who's roots began in Wisconsin, was the top of the list with Pabst Blue Ribbon, which was recently sold to a Russian brewing company.  Texas likes Levi, California likes Samsung, North Dakota likes Chevrolet while South Dakota likes Kleenex.  But what about Wyoming?

According to this study, the number one brand we search for in the Cowboy state is, drum roll please…Gillette.  Really?   You've gotta wonder if we’re actually searching for Gillette as in the razor company, or the city Gillette, Wyoming, which, according to wyomingtourism.org, is known as the “energy capitol of the world?”

What brands have you searched for the most on Google?

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