TV shows about food have grown astronomically in America. After all, we do love to eat. 

Before most of them however, there was Guy Fieri. Guy's 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives' on the Food Network celebrated it's eleventh anniversary on Monday, originally airing in 2007.

Website has ranked what they believe to be Guy's favorite states to visit during the history of the show, based largely on how many restaurants he's visited in each state.

Fieri has only been to six Wyoming restaurants, but what's more is that he's only been to one Wyoming town: Jackson.

The good news is that six restaurants is better than ten other states. Wyoming ranks 39th on the list of his favorite states. Despite the show being on for over a decade, he's yet to visit Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, Vermont, and Delaware.

According to the list, his favorite state has to be California, because he's been to 168 places there for the show. Florida, Texas, Minnesota, and New York are also in the top five.

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