Calling all sleuths, gumshoes, and detectives!  You may have another chance at locating the notorious Carmen Sandiego!  Stay tuned for debriefing.

As a child (of probably 7-ish) I would come home from school, make a snack, turn on PBS, and help solve the mystery of Carmen Sandiego's whereabouts.  Although I didn't realize it at the time, the ACME Detective Agency (who was in charge of my training) was teaching me geography, well played PBS.  All of that aside, I did enjoy watching the show and helping to solve the cases presented to me.  I always wanted to go on the show because I knew I could make fools of those kids that were always picked to be on, and could never seem to locate any of the countries, even the easy ones.

For those unfamiliar, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" was a TV game show on PBS in the early 90's.  The show took three child contestants put them trough "training" to become detectives and eventually catch the thieving criminal mastermind Carmen Sandiego.  The show was designed to teach geography to kids.  Any kid who grew up in the 90's will most likely remember "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego".  I'm pretty positive that almost every 90's kid remembers the infamous theme song performed by the a cappella house band Rockapella, who (unlike the name suggests) did not rock.  Fun theme song for a kid of 7 though.  On a slightly unrelated topic, I was going through a friend's iPod and discovered that he had an entire Rockapella album on there, which featured the show's theme song.  This was an awkward discovery that we have spoke little of since.  Anyways, back on topic.

PBS recently posted this cryptic Photo on their Instagram account.  The caption read: "Where in the world did this come from? Stay tuned for something awesome!"

PBS Instagram
PBS, Instagram

After speculation took off on Tumblr, PBS posted an update: "Update!!! We have one clue for you -- this is not about new episodes, but will be appreciated by any 90s kid. Stay tuned!"

Although there may not be new adventures, it definitely qualifies as a pretty decent throwback.  It will also expose a new generation to the kind of programming that my generation grew up with.  I can already taste the nostalgia.

Check out this full episode:

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