We knew it had to end for one of the biggest cable television shows of all time, and it ended with the main subject dead on the floor with a bullet wound in the stomach.  But for Breaking Bad’s " bad partner" Jesse Pinkman, we saw him flying to freedom at high speeds in a vehicle, and into, or in this case, out of the darkness!  But where is Jesse Pinkman now?

The creator of the show, Vince Gilligan, has some interesting theories as to the whereabouts of Jesse, and it might be a little disappointing.  Most of us, including Vince himself, hope that Jesse’s celebrating his new found freedom.  However, while hoping that’s what actually happened to the character and co-meth maker on the show, he feels that most likely, Jesse would end up being arrested for killing two federal agents. 

Vince recently speculated that agents would find a set of fingerprints not matching the now deceased Walter White, but agents tracing the prints to Jesse Pinkman. Unfortunately, the agents will have to track him down without the help of Walter White’s crackerjack narcotics detective, and also now deceased brother n’ law Hank.  Vince is keeping his fingers crossed for Jesse, hoping that he moved to Alaska, changed his name, and is living a clean and meth free life.  Now you would think that Vince Gilligan being the creator of the show, would actually KNOW what happened to Jesse, after all, he was the creator of Jesse, along with all the other characters on Breaking Bad.  However, he feels that now that the show has reached its demise, it’s now up to the masses  to draw their own conclusions as to what happened to the remaining characters.

What’s your conclusion, is Jesse Pinkman a free man, is he rotting in prison, or is he deader than a door nail?


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