When we haven't really seen live shows in over a year, and you hear that one artist has already lined up five sold-out shows at Red Rocks, you wonder, 'Who the heck IS that?'

Zhu now has six shows lined up at Red Rock this May after selling out five nights. At the station, we get alerts about concert tickets, and almost every time they come, we get an update about Zhu. We keep seeing 'Another night added,' over and over again.

It begs the question: Who is this Zhu?

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I mean, we haven't seen any shows for so long, and now here's somebody who has nearly a week's worth of shows coming to town — Who are they?

Zhu is an EDM artist (that's 'Electronic Dance Music,' if you had not heard of it yet). His first name is Steve, and he's of Chinese descent from San Francisco. He's been on the scene since 2014, starting out anonymously. He wanted his music to be at the forefront, not his race.

We gauge an artist's success by how many views their YouTube videos are getting; Zhu's first single 'Faded' has garnered 99 million views since 2014. That's very good.

Zhu's sold-out shows at Red Rocks are May 3,4,5,9 and 10. Tickets for the sixth show on May 11 ($59.95-$79.95) are on sale now.

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