The pandemic has changed a lot of things in our lives and changing how we have spent Summer 2020. One thing cool that’s happened is that the company that creates Slip N Slides has announced they have completely sold out of the slippery yard toy. First off, all you need is a tarp and a hose to make your own, but why would we? We live in Wyoming, we have a natural Slip N Slide that we can go down for free, anytime we want(pending parks are open). 

If you travel to Lander, you can hike up the Popo Agie Falls for about a mile and a half. Once you reach the falls, you’ll see the natural Slip and Slide next to it.  

This looks like a really cool spot to hike and cool down afterward. If we’re going the route of enjoying things like we use to, such as toys from Wham-O, why not do things we use to like enjoy nature? It’s here and always has been. You wont get as much fresh air from a Slip N Slide, especially if your Dad puts some type of oil on the slide to make you go really fast. Anyone else’s Dad do that? Or Grandpa? Just me? Ok, gotcha.  

Anyways you can make the hike, spend family time and really enjoy the beauty that our great state has to offer, and save you 19.99 or however much a Slip N Slide costs these days. 

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