Are you a fan of 'Saturday Night Live'?

If you watch the late night NBC comedy show, you've seen a lot of anchors come and go hosting their weekly 'Weekend Update' segment. Who was your favorite?

I would have to say that my favorite anchor was Tina Fey when she was paired with Jimmy Fallon. Coming in a close second would have to be original cast member Jane Curtin. 'Weekend Update' is the longest running sketch from 'SNL,' it's been included in the show since the first episode in 1975. It was created by writer Herb Sargent and Chevy Chase, who was the first anchor.

'Saturday Night Live' begins it's 40th season on September 27 and for the first time, two men will anchor 'Weekend Update.' Colin Jost will be joined by new cast member Michael Che who has worked on 'The Daily Show.' Che will also be the first African-American to co-host the segment.

Let us know who your favorite anchor of 'Weekend Update' has been over their 40 years.