Too many restaurants close their doors in Cheyenne. They seem to have roots that are topsoil deep and I wonder why we can’t our eateries open.

On The Downtown Hub Facebook page is a post that must have been a heartbreaker to write:

“We are sad to announce that after Saturday’s service we will be closing our doors. We have loved serving Downtown Cheyenne amazing food and will miss everyone! We are in the process of looking at other options and are hoping to reopen soon given the right opportunity!”

There is a ray of hope in their statement that they are seeking a new location/opportunity.

While they’re still open at 1720 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne, their special for Friday 4/20 is an Indian taco with Spanish rice and an apple dumpling for $10!
Their last day, Saturday will have a breakfast buffet from 7a-12p.

It sounds like landlord/tenant issues are in play here, but with so many closures, I have to wonder what can be done to keep Cheyenne business doors open?

The DDA has helped, but there are larger issues for businesses in Downtown Cheyenne include parking, high rent, expensive water, electric, trash, and more.

Now that the Cheyenne Police Department has aggressively taken over parking enforcement, customers will opt for other locations to support. Downtown employees also have to worry about parking without getting ticketed.

The Downtown Hub is a family business, who’s owner Victor Yeley, mentioned “Look at Casper. They take pride in their downtown, with very few empty stores.” I mentioned to him that it is the same for Fort Collins. There is a sense of support and pride that Cheyenne seems to be lacking, in my humble opinion.

Cheyenne starting and growing business would be good for us all, but first, fix the parking, IMHO. We wish all those involved with The Downtown Hub good luck in their future ventures.

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