Most of us associate fireworks sales with the 4th of July festivities and the weeks leading up to it. So when I saw Wholesale Fireworks on College at I-25, near Interstate 80, I wondered why they are open in the middle of winter.

I parked in their empty parking lot and once inside, I asked General Manager Daniel how they stay open in February in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Cooper Townsquare Media
Cooper Townsquare Media

He said there’s enough traffic to justify keeping the doors open and lights on. Yeah, there is customer traffic, but the key for this shop and the fireworks stand next door, is the out-of-state truck drivers who can resell fireworks for about 5-times what they pay for them here in Wyoming. Enterprising entrepreneurs are the key to sales here.

While many locals and long-distance drivers would disagree, fireworks retailers hope for I-80 weather closures. That’s when climate trapped truckers will stop in and stock up. Business gets good when the weather goes bad. I-25 is not as lucrative when shut down, but is still a conduit to I-70 and I-90 and they will get some fireworks as well.

Canadian truckers will ask and find out that they cannot take fireworks across the US/Canadian border. The drivers risk problems with USA reentry refusal in the future if caught.


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