The Mega Millions estimated jackpot for tonight is $343 Million. The Powerball is expected to be worth about $440 Million Tomorrow night. Aside from the ridiculously all-but-impossible odds, you have a 1 in 300 million chance to win.

Odds of winning both is 1 in 88 Quadrillion chance.

But if you do win, you could easily buy Wyoming’s most expensive property for a cool $175 Million.

AerialImagingProd via Youtube
AerialImagingProd via Youtube

Jackson Land and Cattle is a 1,750-acre luxury cutting horse and cattle ranch just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It has a spectacular view of the Tetons, a 3,000 sq. ft. Events Center, a world-class 52 stall equestrian center with heated stalls, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, 800 acres of irrigated meadows, 2 ponds and a spring creek.

Nearby are adventures in pack-tripping, mountain climbing, biking, hiking, hunting, fishing and skiing or visiting the incredibly beautiful Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

If you win, you can still have a condo in Maui, Hawaii for Winter getaways, but where else would you want to live? Remember, you can have a staff to move the snow in winter.

Oh, and on the subject, but a little less rewarding, The Wyolotto Cowboy Draw is estimated to be at $530,000 for Thursday’s drawing.

Good luck if you play.

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