After wrapping up a business trip in New York, Brit Morin had planned to meet her husband and kids in Jackson Hole for a week of fun. Her family flying in from her home town of San Francisco.

Morin had done a television shoot in New York and was required to remove her engagement and wedding ring. She carefully placed it in her toiletry travel bag, and had kept it in her bag during the flight to Jackson Hole via a Denver layover.

When Brit arrived in Jackson Hole Airport, she was relieved, like all travelers are, when they see their luggage in-tact and circling the baggage claim. As she was getting ready for bed during her first night in Jackson, she reached into her toiletry bag and panicked as she realized there was no ring.

According to Morin's blog...

I searched all of my bags — my toiletry bag, my purse, and my suitcase — at least a dozen times.  It must have fallen out somewhere during the suitcase transfer. I must not have zipped my toiletry bag all the way. Oh dear god, how was I going to tell my husband? (The bigger irony? We got married in Jackson Hole nearly seven years ago, and now here we were back in a town that symbolizes our eternal love and I had no physical symbol of that love on my finger.)

Morin said that several days had gone by and she feared the ring was gone forever. However, a United Airlines representative called her and let her know that they had found both of her rings on the jetway bridge.

Not only did United make sure to return her rings, the flight captain delivered them himself. Captain Jim Mooney was flying from New York to San Francisco. He even delivered the rings with a hand-written note.


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