Many of us were not prepared for our new office digs, but we're making it work.

For most of us, like has changed significantly during this coronavirus pandemic. Most are no longer going into work and are instead setting up shop in their own homes. It can be an adjustment for anyone, especially if you've got your kids at home with you. Inf act, some of you may be missing your actual co-workers right about now. Even Bill in accounting who regularly neglects to make fresh coffee despite polishing off the pot.

Oh, those were simpler times.

Luckily, the Internet is showing us that we are all in this together. While social media can divide us, it can also bring us together in mighty ways. We are all dealing with this new office setup and I'm thankful that we're all willing to share, and maybe even over share, our struggles and proud moments using the #WFH. Some people has set up beautiful work spaces in dining rooms or are raving about working next to their dogs each day. Others have fired their cats from being their co-workers for too many disruptions or have been force to work in their closet just to get some peace and quiet.

Check out what people are posting with #WFH here and feel free to show us your new office setup in the comments below.

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