There are some major perks to working from your living room.

Working from home always felt like an imaginary thing, right? I've looked at my remote friends and have thought that they must not be a key player at their office or they would be there physically. Oh how wrong I was. I think we all learned that working from home is not easy... at first.

As the nation locked down months ago, nonessential jobs were moved to remote setups and it threw us for a loop. Where was the structure? The accountability? The routine? I think many of us felt naked for a minute.

That's changed though.

A recent survey from MattressFirm revealed that Americans have warmed up to this new setup. In fact, 70 percent say that they prefer working from home. Once the shock wore off and we got a handle on things, the tides began to turn.

I mean, what's not to like? No traffic, no boss breathing down your neck and no being pulled into conference rooms for meetings that could have been an email. At home, you can set your own hours, take a nap, work in your pajamas... it's nice.

On the pajama note, the survey also found that two out of three Americans can't recall the last time they wore real pants. Stretchy pants is where it's at! Why dirty up the dry-clean-only slacks when no one is going to see you from the waist down?

What about you, would you prefer to work remotely?

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