Above are Dan and Angie Berger, parents of co-owner and general manager Rob Berger at Capitol Theaters in Cheyenne. Would you pay a little more for a leather recliner, with Dolby Atmos Sound?

Cheyenne is a pretty thrifty town. Discount stores and closeout locations tend to last much longer than the standard boutique shops you may find in old town Fort Collins.

Our recent non-scientific poll wanted to find out if the same Cheyenne folks who penny pinching in this economy are up for springing a little extra change for a nice seat at the theater.  Most appear appear skeptical on the price first. But overall, people are interested at least.

The chairs won’t be fully installed until May, but you’ll find them in every auditorium through this coming summer.

Capitol’s Facebook's friends seem to like the idea. I mean recliners at the theater - what’s not to like?

Our poll question asked if you'd pay more for a comfier seat? And the results:




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