If it’s been awhile since you've visited Terry Bison Ranch, or if you've never had the opportunity, then “All Aboard,” this and every Sunday, where you can ride the rails and enjoy some delicious food, all on the Terry Bison Ranch Sunday Lunch Train.

Enjoy an hour long ride aboard the train that takes you along the Bison Train Tour that gives you the fascinating history of the ranch, while you’ll get to see “where the buffalo roam.”  And you’ll be served up some mouthwatering grub, with your choice of their buffalo burger platter, beef burger platter or fried chicken platter, right on the train!

The Terry Bison Ranch Sunday Lunch Train leaves the ranch every Sunday at 12 noon.  Reservations are a must, and are needed by Saturday night, so the chef will know what to prepare.  Cost is $25 for kids and adults.  Terry Bison Ranch is located at 51 I-25 service road.

For more information, and to make your reservation, call (307) 634-4171, or go online to terrybisonranch.com.