I'm always down for a party. Usually. Probably, as long as it starts around 4 and is over by not later than 7:30 on a weeknight. Then, I may still say I have plans, but, really, I'm just sitting on my couch binge-watching something I probably don't actually like. This is a real peak in my life. I watch tv shows that people tell me to and stick with it so they don't ridicule me when I say I'm not a fan. That's what I do instead of parties now.

But, when the Wyoming State Museum says they're having a party, my interests are peaked. Especially when the whole subtext of the party is to "Party Like It's 1872". I'm all about that. Give me a Monopoly Man monocle, a top hat, and maybe some suspenders, and I'm ready for that party.

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This Friday, you can also party like it's 1872 with the Wyoming State Museum as they host a party in honor of Yellowstone National Park's 150th birthday(they look good for their age).

Here's the skinny from their Facebook Event Post.

Enjoy beer and wine, a raffle, music, art making, trivia, games, and presentations from former Rangers who worked in the park during the centennial celebrations in 1972. All for free.

This is sponsored by Danielmarks Brewery & Taproom, so I'm assuming this 21 and over event will have some tasty brews to learn more about the history of America's original National Park. So, grab your monocle and get ready to come party like it 1872 this Friday night from 5:30 to 8:30. The Wyoming State Museum is going to be rocking!

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