I always like to think that I’m fighting the good fight each week, forcing myself to drink delicious beer all over the Cowboy State. I don’t see anyone else traveling around and subjecting themselves to the simple joy of a great beer. I’m basically a martyr at this point. Ohhhhh, the Beer Martyr, man, I should use that as an alias at some point. 

Enter Black Tooth Brewing 

Black Tooth has a great selection of beers to choose from, with taprooms in Sheridan and Cheyenne. I have been going to the Cheyenne taproom since they opened after all the Covid restrictions lifted and allowed them to open, officially. Their taproom, by the way, is absolutely gorgeous.  

Sai Hwhen! Is a Wheat Saison, that is light, really balanced and great to sip on during these hot summer days. While you’ll want to put quite a few of these back, you may want to pace yourself because the ABV is 7.3 percent. Black Tooth has quite a few offerings in beer, but I’d have to say, that I may put this one at the top. They have it under their limited section on their board, so you may want to try and grab a glass before they run out.  

Here's what they have to say. Also, look how pretty it is!

The first time I tried Sai Hwhen, I looked at the board and asked the beer tender, Will, how to pronounce it, he immediately replied emphatically, SAY HUUUH WHEN! Ah, got it. Clever. 

All in all, I highly suggest trying Sai Hwhen! It’s fun to say and more fun to drink! And the Cheyenne taproom is a great place to enjoy some brews.  

Fun Musings 

My wife met me at Black Tooth when I took my nerd notes on this particular beer. I grew up in Kentucky in a town across the Ohio River from Indiana, where my wife is from. The beer tender on duty was also from Indiana. It’s fun when you connect with people on the other side of the country, from your own roots. Also, my wife wants to be her best friend now.  

If you have any beer suggestions for me in the Wyoming area, let me know, I'll try them and review them. 

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