Ok, we can all take a moment to stop and appreciate how great the name of this beer is. Helles Comin' With Me? Come on now, that's a great name. The fact that the name comes in honor of the greatest Western ever made, that I'm pretty sure won the film and cast at least, checks notes, 80 Oscars when it came out, is just awesome. If you don't get the reference, it comes from Tombstone, also, shame on you.

Enter Freedom's Edge Brewing Company

Freedom's Edge is really good at having awesome rotating beers. That's why I personally love them. Their beer board is usually filled with several different styles, and they may or may not last long, so if you see one you want to try, I'd suggest boot scoot and boogying your way to Pioneer in Cheyenne so you don't miss out.

The Beer

Oh, yeah, this is a beer review, outside of how awesome Tombstone is as a film. The beer style as you may have guessed it is a Helles. Which is German in style and usually a lighter lager. A quick Google search will show that the German word for Light or Bright. So, a hot August day is perfect timing for this brew. It's got all that you would want out of a light refreshing beer. I love the style because you can taste the grains.

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If you're wondering the specifics, this brew is low ABV sitting at 4.3 percent, so, as I mentioned, is great for a hot summer day and very crushable. You can have a couple. Or three. It's not bitter, it's the type of beer you give your friend that may not be a huge craft beer drinker. That doesn't take away from the beer itself, it's just more mild than a regular pale ale or IPA.

Overall, it's really nice, smooth, settle and tastes great.


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