It's cold outside. My Kentucky bones are freezing this morning, but, I have a job to do. Let you know how great a beer is. A Wyoming beer, at that. We already saw the proof was in the pudding from the Great American Beer Festival last week that great beer is made in Wyoming with 3 Medals Winners Across the State, with two on the Front Range. Well, this beer counts as a Front Range beer, albeit, it was brewed in Sheridan.

Enter Black Tooth Brewing

One of the best Pilsners I've had was released last month during Black Tooth's Oktoberfest celebration, their Premium Pilsner is a German Style Pilsner and man is it tasty. I'll come out the gate now and say you can only get it in can form now, they sold out of their draft, but it IS just as good in a can, which is more than I can say for some beers.

You can learn more about the beer from their Head Brewer in Sheridan, here.

So how is it, really? It's good. A lot of places kind of ruin a good pilsner because they want to make it different. The style has been around since 1842, it doesn't need extra hops to make it your own. Make it true to style. That's what Black Tooth did, it works and it sold out quickly because it did.

Fun Musings

Like I mentioned earlier, this beer was released back in September for their Oktoberfest celebration, drinking this by the glass boot-fulls was a fun experience. I may or may not have had several and taken an uber home by 8pm.

If there is a beer you think I should try, let me know. 

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