Wyoming Beer Review

Wyoming Beer Review: Vedauwoo English Mild
Earlier this week, I wrote a piece about doing the Laramie Brewery Walk over the weekend for my birthday. Yes, I did have a great birthday, thanks for asking. Anyways, we hit up all 5 breweries in Downtown Laramie, which, isn't a tough feat, but, you have to pace yourself. That's a helpful hint in case you decide to follow my lead.
Wyoming Beer Review: Porter(Stout) Season Is Here In Cheyenne
A nice heavy Porter fits in great with some of the colder weather hitting Cheyenne later this week and the Breweries of Cheyenne have you covered. Stouts are similar in style and work just as well, so I have a few suggestions with them, as well. Don't forget you can grab some to go beers with limited hours across the Cowboy State.
Wyoming Beer Review: Speed Goat Golden Ale
he first time I went to Old Chicago in Cheyenne, just after everything opened back up here, ya know, after the Tiger King portion of the pandemic, I looked at the beer menu and the server immediately told me to try the Speed Goat Golden Ale from Ten Sleep. I wish I would have remembered that guy's name, because he turned me on to one of my new favorite beers.
Wyoming Beer Review: A'OK Marzen
Well, we've made it through another week, we can finally go home this afternoon or evening and kick back and enjoy a brew to celebrate another week done and realize that we've completely lost the handle on 2020 as a year and we're in a nose dive toward 2021. Cheers to that.
Wyoming Beer Review: 6K Plus Pale Ale
I wrote a piece last week about Black Tooth in Cheyenne brewing their first beer in house, the 6k Plus Pale Ale. I wasn't able to make it to Black Tooth last week because my wife was under the weather and it felt wrong enjoying a new beer without her, I'm a great husband.
Wyoming Beer Review Premium Pilsner
We already saw the proof was in the pudding from the Great American Beer Festival last week that great beer is made in Wyoming with 3 Medals Winners Across the State, with two on the Front Range. Well, this beer counts as a Front Range beer, albeit, it was brewed in Sheridan.

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