I thought it would be fun to add a brewery every now and then that you can get, at least within easy driving distance to from the border here in Wyoming. I didn't go terribly far over the border, as we made it to Wellington. Wellington is a small town, as you probably know, but they have 3 breweries in town.

Enter Soul Squared Brewing

This place is really cool if you haven't been. It's set up, I don't want to say like a Cracker Barrel, because that's rude, but I'd say country rustic? Is that a thing? I hope that makes sense. They have their beer lists on the wall written on window glass. It's pretty cool. Check it out.


My favorite beer that I have had there is their Helles. Here's how they describe it.

Surprising complexity for a light lager, our Helles has layers of malt flavor balanced by a Noble Hop bitterness and aroma.

A brewer friend of mine told me that Helles is one of the more difficult beers to perfect. This may be the best Helles that I've had if I'm being honest. It's a great style and has a nice grain taste to finish off.

Fun Musings

My wife, coworker and I like to cross the border on Fridays because mobile sports betting is a thing and we're into that sort of thing. So, the best way to lose 25 bucks on weekend sports bets is to enjoy a nice local beer while we do it. We've gone to Soul Squared Brewing a couple times and it's just a great atmosphere, and the people working and the patrons are just nice people. Aside from their great beers, you can enjoy the atmosphere.

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