I can't believe I forgot to review a beer last week! I'm ashamed and I sincerely apologize for what may come off as a slight. I know you look forward each week to my witty and in depth analysis of beer brewed here in the Cowboy State. Please accept my apology and enjoy my review of beers from one of the best beer states in America.

Enter Black Tooth Brewing

I wrote a piece last week about Black Tooth in Cheyenne brewing their first beer in house, the 6k Plus Pale Ale. I wasn't able to make it to Black Tooth last week because my wife was under the weather and it felt wrong enjoying a new beer without her, I'm a great husband. Any who, this is a legit Pale Ale. It has some nice citrus notes and is light enough where you can have a couple without stumbling to the restroom with the ABV being 5.2 percent.

The head brewer in the Cheyenne location, Thomas, is a really cool guy, he also runs their trivia night every other week. If this is a sample size from what he can personally do to make beer, I'm really excited for his other products coming out soon. I was pinky promised to not say what the other two beers on the way are, but it's safe to say, I'm excited about them.

Congrats to Thomas and everyone at Black Tooth on a great first beer and I cannot wait to try what else they have coming out on the West Edge of Cheyenne.

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