Black Tooth Brewing settled on the West Edge of Cheyenne last year to build out a brand new tap room in the Capitol City. Their plans were a little offset to say the least, with the Covid-19 Pandemic and all the implications that came with it, delaying the opening and shrinking the amount of customers they were allowed to serve before they were able to open their doors.

After opening in May, they have become a very popular spot to enjoy a drink with friends, with a gorgeous taproom and winning restoration awards on the way. Within the last couple of months, they have hired a new Head Brewer named Thomas, and start brewing with all that beautiful stainless steel behind the bar.

With the addition of Thomas, they were able to set forth with new beers that were a little different than the standard brews that come from the Sheridan location. They came out with a Pale Ale, right out the gate to fit perfectly with all the other great standard beers from Black Tooth.

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Black Tooth Cheyenne is proud to present our first beer, brewed in-house with lots of love.....6K Plus Pale Ale! Inspired by our elevation and crisp air in the Capital City, 6K is an American Pale Ale sitting at a crushable 5.2% with only 34 IBUs (moderate bitterness). Enjoy a refreshing yet classic aroma of lemongrass and orange peel, with mango, biscuit and grapefruit flavors that leave your taste buds wanting more.....this light-bodied Pale was made with a variety of hops, but the Centennial and Lemon Drop hops give it that lemon punch. 6K pairs well with hot wings, Cesar salad, sweet/sour lo-mein, or German chocolate cake. Available on tap until it runs out! See you soon 😀🍺 cheers! • • • • • #blacktoothbrewery #drinkthewest #craftbeer #craftbeerlover #craftbeerlife #craftbeergeek #craftbeeraddict #beer #beerlovers #brewery #taproom #cheyennewyoming #smallbatch #paleale

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That description looks like they have made an amazing ale, and hey, it's for us! Check it out, the 6k Plus Pale Ale, that's us! We're at 6k! Beer nerds should be very excited for this. As a side note, everyone at Black Tooth are awesome! I've never had a bad experience, they have live music, trivia, bingo and more. If you haven't made it out to the West Edge yet, make sure you make the trip.

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