I know I talk a lot about beer, and A LOT about local craft beer, I even dedicate time each week to review one, you know, you’ve read it, right? If you haven’t, this is a shameless plug to do so. Anyways, Fall beer is my favorite type of beer, give me all the Altbier, Marzen, and Festbier you have and I’ll be one of the happiest people you’ll meet. 

To my sheer joy over the weekend, Accomplice Beer Company debuted their Oktoberfest, and it is good. It’s all I want to drink. Then, Black Tooth Brewing in Cheyenne announced they were releasing their Oktoberfest on September 21st, along with a German Premium Pilsner September 26th for their Oktoberfest Celebration (more on that later). I’m nosy and read the brew board at Freedom’s Edge Brewing Co to see that they’re working on a Fest Bier which looks to either release this month or next(lagering beer takes FOREVER). I know they’re also doing a “Hair Of The Dog” beer for Dogtoberfest on October 3rd, but I can’t say to what that will be, more investigation is needed on my part before I speak intelligently on the subject. 

It’s a bummer that the Great American Beer Festival won't happen, The Munich Oktoberfest was axed, we can’t travel, so this really is something to look forward to. Our favorite local breweries making great local beers for us to enjoy with friends. Don’t worry, I’ll have a review of each of these fall beers coming soon.  

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