It's been really nice the past few weeks with all of the breweries having their own form of Oktoberfest, Black Tooth Brewing Company started the party, then Dogtoberfest at Freedom's Edge Brewing Co. last weekend Accomplice Beer Company had their Oktoberfest/Anniversary celebration and Danielmark's Brewing is hosting theirs this weekend. The best beers of the year are flowing like the North Platte River out of these breweries, and I'm here for it.

Enter Accomplice Beer Company 

As I mentioned, Accomplice Beer Company had their Oktoberfest/Anniversary last Saturday, with a few additions to their beer menu, good food and the Nutmobile from the Planters Peanutters that I got to meet last Friday. Pretty good set up. One of the beers that they released was the Alicia. Now, I know what you're thinking, you figured I'd rate the Oktoberfest, well, that is coming, but not today. The Alicia is a Mexican Style Vienna Lager. Here' s the profile from their beer board.


Mexican Style Vienna Lager

Accomplice Beer Co.

ABV 5.9% / IBU 25

The result? A very smooth and surprisingly malty brew. Don't let the Mexican Lager part in the name deceive you like it did me. Not that I was expecting it to be a rebrand of their Mexican Lager from the summer, but I figured it would be lighter and more pilsner like. After about half the beer and the surprise ended, man was that a solid beer. It's all I had the entire night, aside from trying their Brut Lager, which is a solid light lager if you're looking to take it easy.

You'll want to move fast on this seasonal brew, before it's gone! I may drink it all before you get there...

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