A ten-year-old Rock Springs boy who set up a lemonade stand to raise money for an iPad decided the animals at his local shelter needed the money more.

But in the end, he helped out the shelter animals and got his iPad too.

According to a post on the Rock Springs Police Department Facebook page, 10-year-old Brennan Welch wasn't even deterred when the profits from his first day of business blew away in the Wyoming wind.

Between his own hard work and the donations of other animal lovers to his efforts, He was able to raise $400 dollars, which he spent earlier this month on toys, treats, brushes, collars, beds, and leashes for the animals at the Rock Springs Animal Shelter.

But the story doesn't end there.

Employees of the Animal Shelter and the Evidence Department at the RSPD decided they wanted Brennan to get his iPad anyway, so they took up a collection to make that happen. City employees from agencies throughout the city of Rock Springs sprang into action, collecting large donations from, among others, the United Mine Workers Union [$500] the Firefighters Union [$100], and the Police Protective Association {$250].

According to the post:

On Tuesday, August 18, employees from the Rock Springs Animal Control, Rock Springs Police Department, and Mayor Kaumo surprised Brennan with a new iPad, keyboard, waterproof case, and a $50 iTunes card. The surprises weren’t done though, Cynthia Welch (Brennan’s mom) was presented with a Walmart gift card to help Brennan with any additions resources he might need.



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