Hyperloop One is the Elon Musk startup to move people and goods at speeds of 700 MPH or more through a depressurized above ground tube using magnetic levitation. Think of it as kind of like a canister through a tube at a bank, only bigger. Jet airliners can travel at 500 MPH, so you can imagine the time saving attraction. Imagine being able to reduce travel time from Cheyenne to Houston, usually about 7 hours by car, to about an hour and forty five minutes. NOTE: THIS SHOULD READ 17 HOURS BY CAR, not 7. My typing mistake, my apologies. Steve Cooper, 4/7.


Out of a global competition of 2,600 competitors, 35 are semifinalists and a Colorado consortium, Colorado Hyperloop, is one of 11 US semifinalists. The Rocky Mountain team has three plans and Cheyenne, Wyoming is included in each of those plans as the northern endpoint on the map that extends south to DIA, a 242-mile Cheyenne to Pueblo run and a 1,152 mile Cheyenne to Houston, Texas route.


A test track has been built in Nevada with a demonstration scheduled for next month,

Hyperloop One

While there are many challenges to overcome, many are excited to pursue this new development in transportation. While we are one step closer, the company will have to select Colorado as a finalist, and then the state and stake holders will have to work out the logistics.

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Hyperloop One plans to pick three winners, and plans to announce their finalists in May.