Wyoming continues to be at the head of the pack when it comes to having the highest rates of vaccine hesitancy and lowest vaccination rates.

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According to data from the United States Census Bureau, on May 10, 58.7% of Wyomingites over 18 had been vaccinated, compared to the national average of 74.6%, with Louisiana coming in second to last at 60.5%.

States like Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Mexico are all near the top when it comes to vaccination, with each being above 82% of their adult population vaccinated.

When it comes to vaccine hesitancy, Wyoming is also in the lead, with 27.6% of the people saying they are hesitant about getting one of the COVID-19 vaccines, with Idaho coming in second at 22.3%.

The top three reasons listed for hesitancy are: don't trust COVID-19 vaccines at 64.3%, concerned about the side affects at 43.7%, and don't trust the government at 38.2%.

The average across the county for hesitancy is 11.4%, with several of the highest vaccinated states having vaccine hesitancy rates around 6%.

This continues a trend in Wyoming that has been present since people started getting vaccinated against COVID-19, with vaccination rates and hesitancy being high since January, which is due to many myths surrounding the vaccine that have stopped people in the state from getting vaccinated.

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