Zach Spadt, Townsquare Media
Zach Spadt, Townsquare Media

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon on Monday signed several bills passed by the Wyoming Legislature recently into law.

The bills were passed by lawmakers during a recent 8-day virtual session, which wrapped up last week. The Legislature is scheduled to reconvene on March 1 for a session that is expected to run for roughly a month. Bills the governor signed yesterday included;

-House Bill 53, Invasive Plant Species. The governor, in a news release, said of this bill

“Invasive species are a concern for our producers, managers and indeed our land,” the Governor said. “This bill gives Weed and Pest districts more ability to work with state, federal, and private managers and increase our impact on invasive plant species throughout the state”

-Senate File 43, Wyoming Energy Authority Amendments. The governor's release said fo this bill ''Amendments adds geothermal and pumped hydro energy projects to the list of projects that can be supported by the Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA). The changes also allow the WEA to support and issue bonds, under their existing authority, for projects involving rare earth minerals, critical materials, trona, and other minerals.''

-Senate File 37, the Omnibus Water Bill

-House Bill 44, Omnibus Water Bill, Constructon

-House Bill 66, 2021 Large Project Funding

-House Bill 3, Certified Addiction Practitioners

-House Bill 6, Trust Company Amendments

House Bill 34, Youth Offender Program Amendments

House Bill 42 Chancery Court Vacancy amendments


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