The state of the union is good for Donald Trump supporters in the Cowboy State. Wyoming tops a new list ranking the states where the President has the highest approval rating.

Trump's approval rating in Wyoming went up over the last year, rising from 63% to 64% from December 2017 to December 2018. His disapproval rating has also surged in the state, jumping from 23% in December 2017 to 32% in December 2018.

Coal country is Trump country. West Virginia finished behind Wyoming in second place, with 61% of voters approving of the President's performance. Alabama (58%), Mississippi (56%), and Tennessee (56%) rounded out Trump's top five states.

President Trump remains popular in several of Wyoming's neighboring states. His approval rating in South Dakota ranked 6th nationwide (55%), Idaho was 10th (53%), and Nebraska was 15th (52%). However, Trump's support has wavered in some traditionally conservative states. In Montana, the President's approval rating fell six points in the last year to 50%. In Utah, Trump's approval rating recently fell to 49%, compared to 46% who disapprove of his job performance.

In Colorado, Trump's disapproval rating has climbed 12 percentage points since December 2017. Trump's approval rating in the state is now 40%, with 56% disapproving of the President.

Vermont has the lowest percentage of Trump supporters, with only 33% approving of the President's performance. The President's approval rating is also down to 33% in Massachusetts and California, and 34% in Hawaii and Maryland.




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