Well, now you’ll never see them coming.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol has implemented a new pilot program utilizing "slick top" patrol cars in hopes of increasing highway safety across Wyoming. The five new vehicles will be patrolling Wyoming with one of the cars headed to each of the five WHP districts across the state.

These vehicles don’t have the traditional light bar on the roof  but rather an array of LED lights across the inside of the windshield.

WHP Colonel Kebin Haller commented on the program and said "I am excited to see the results of this initiative. Slick top enforcement patrol vehicles are not new to law enforcement or other highway patrol agencies throughout the country. This is something that we have been discussing for the past year and we now have an opportunity to pilot such a program."

Wyoming Department of Transportation Director William T. "Bill" Panos also commented on the new cars and stated “I am supportive of this pilot project and encouraged when we innovate to advance law enforcement efforts in our state.”

Although the vehicles are designed to be more subdued, they are still clearly identifiable as WHP patrol vehicles and will be used to help identify distracted driving, impaired driving, and also to increase the WHP's criminal interdiction efforts in areas such as human and contraband trafficking.

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