Well, we sure didn’t want to be the sixth most sinful state. Actually, it's on that list from WalletHub, Wyoming is happy to be #45. It likely no shock Nevada is one the most gambling addicted, but would we have guessed one of the worst drug addicted is Vermont?

There are other surprises in other categories that made for WalletHubs overall rankings. An example is how Wyoming’s highest rank (our worst rank) is #33 for “Anger & Hatred.” (Do you ever find it ironic who judges who's so angry & hateful?) For highest average time spent on adult websites, the winner (or loser) is Mississippi. At the same time, congratulations also to Mississippi for being the fourth least excessive drinking state.

Oh well, maybe the Cowboy State - at sixth least - would be even less sinful if it weren't for Cheyenne in late July with all the over-jovial visitors.

Colorado 24

Montana 34

South Dakota 41

Nebraska 42

Idaho 43

Utah 47

North Dakota 49

Source: WalletHub

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