With the Winter Olympics in our rearview mirror, we can focus on other things Wyoming going for Gold. Let's take it to Pine Bluffs as Wyoming Malting Company was awarded Gold and Silver medals for their locally sourced malts.

You might be asking yourself what malts are, well, they're in the whiskey and beer that we drink. More specifically, Pine Bluffs Distilling is the sister company of Wyoming Malting Company. Cheyenne brewery Accomplice Beer Company is also a user of the malts. So, if you're used to drinking local, you've had Wyoming Malting Company's malts, in a roundabout way.

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The competition that the Pine Bluffs company medaled in was the 2022 Malt Cup. The team got a Gold medal for their WY Pale Malt in the Pale Malt category and they earned a Silver medal in the Pale Ale category with their WY Pale Ale.

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The grains that Wyoming Malting Company uses are all locally sourced from no more than 30 miles away from Pine Bluffs. So, when you're getting a beer at Accomplice Beer Company or a bottle of Pine Bluffs whiskey, that malt is hyper-local and has traveled less than the person enjoying the beverage. That's pretty cool.

It's great to see local companies like Wyoming Malting Group, getting national recognition for all the awesome work that they do here locally. While we may enjoy Wyoming getting forgotten when it comes to out of staters trying to move here, or just wanting our space in general, it's nice for something "Wyoming" to show what we do have. Congrats!

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