Millennials, or generation Y, now far outnumber any other generation in the USA. broke down data from 2012, on the generations and their population per state, and found that the most millennials, those born between 1981 and 2000, have heavily populated Washington D.C., where a third of the population is from this age group.

Utah was in 2nd place, followed by Alaska, North Dakota and Texas!  California is also high on the list, as is Colorado, which might be literal, since the legalization of marijuana has had many millennials flocking to our neighboring state.  In 2012, they were ranked 13th for millennials populating the state, but I’ll bet that statistic is much “higher” now!

Wyoming was ranked 21st with a little more than 27% of millennials living in here.

So, just who are we? The Aging Of Wyoming:

Millennials: Age 11 to 30 (born 1981-2000) make up 27.5 percent of the Wyoming population

Baby Boomers: Age 47 to 65 (born 1946-1964) 26.2 percent.

Generation X: Age 31 to 46 (born 1965-1980) 19.6 percent.

Silent Generation: Age 66 to 84 (born 1928-1945) 10.3 percent.

Wyoming now has fewer geezers than the number of millennials that need to live in their basements. Dry facts, interesting information, acerbic speculation.

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