Wyoming people have no idea how to kiss.

At least, that's what Google is telling us. Google Trends have tallied up some interesting results when it comes to our state's most commonly asked "how to" or "why do" questions.

For example, the states of Montana, North, and South Dakota all are searching "Why do dogs eat grass?" the most.

Idaho is into anatomy asking "Why do men have nipples?" Not to be outdone and concerningly, Colorado is asking "Why do my boobs hurt?"  Utah is a little more tame, but curious about "Why do we yawn?" 

In Wyoming, it wasn't a "why do" but a "how to" question that tops the list. Specifically, "how to kiss."  

We are the only state to ask this question so frequently, but Californians are also asking "why do humans kiss?" Of course they're also asking "Why do flies like poop?" You can check out the map of questions below, or a larger version here. 

Google Trends
Google Trends

And for what it's worth, I'm not sure the internet is always the best route to learn how to kiss. Check out some of the top "how to kiss" videos that pop up...


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