If you live in Wyoming, you might be a redneck.

This week, the website Mandatory.com published a study listing the "Most Redneck States in America", based on a variery of factors including the number of mobile homes and Wal-Mart stores, per capita.

Wyoming was ranked seventh.

According to their research, 4.4 out of every 100 houses in the Cowboy State are mobile homes. With 11 Wal-Mart Supercenters serving a population of just under 600,000, Wyoming has also has one of the highest ratios of Wal-Marts per person.

Not surprisingly, many of the most redneck states are located in the south. Alabama topped the list, followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama and South Carolina.

New Jersey was ranked as the least redneck state. Massachusetts, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Connecticut round out the bottom five.

Last year, a similar study ranked Wyoming as the fifth most redneck state in the country.