NOTE: We didn't write this list, so don't blame us. The website recently released an article ranking the 10 Most Redneck Towns in Wyoming.

They compared small towns all over the Cowboy State based on a number of factors, including: population, high school graduation rates, the number of bars, the number of mobile homes, access to Wal-Mart and dollar stores and places that sell fishing or hunting supplies.

And the winner is...

1. Saratoga - Ranked 3rd in the state for fishing and bait shops per capita, 6th in the number of gun stores and 5th for the most trailer parks. Those statistics, combined with their 85% high school graduation rate, earn Saratoga the title of Wyoming's most redneck town.

2. Mills - With a 76% high school graduation rate, the 3rd most tobacco stores per capita, and the 5th highest number of gun stores, Mills finishes just behind Saratoga in second place.

3. Evansville - This Casper suburb cracks the top five, based in part to the number of dollar stores in town, which ranks highest in the state per capita. Their 68% high school graduation rate is also the lowest among any of the towns on the list and they ranked fifth statewide for the the number of fishing and bait shops.

4. Jackson - Evidently, you can be rich and still be a redneck. This resort town has the 4th highest number of bars per capita in the state. It also ranks second for the number of fishing and bait shops.

5. Pinedale - Alcohol and guns land this western Wyoming town on the list. Along with the second highest number or bars per capita, Pinedale also has the second most gun shops in the state.

Other cities on the list include Cody, which has the most Wal-mart stores per capita, Thermopolis, which has the most tobacco shops per capita, Rawlins, Greybull and Douglas.