A six-figure salary doesn't go very far in most big cities these days. Luckily, there's still one place where a family can live large on $100,000 a year...Wyoming.

A new study from Magnify Money recently compared the "Best and Worst Cities To Live On a Six-Figure Income". Two Wyoming towns were ranked among the best in the west; with Casper finishing first and Cheyenne in third place.

The report provided cost-of-living estimates in 381 metro areas for an average two-parent, one child househould earning an annual income of $100k. Nationwide, the average family spends around 75% of their earnings on monthly expenses, including housing, child care, food, transportation and entertainment.

In Casper, six-figure families only devote 68% of their income to monthly expenses. Cheyenne was slightly higher, with a 69% income-to-expenses ratio.

Amazingly, there are many cities in America where families struggle to get by on a six-figure salary. Washington D.C. ranked dead last in the study. In the DC metro, a typical family earning $100,000 per year would spend 105% of their monthly income on expenses.

Stamford, Connecticut, San Jose, California, San Francisco, California and New York City round out the five worst places for six-figure families. California was the worst state in the study, with nine of the twenty most expensive metro areas in the country.


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