Wyoming residents consume more energy and gasoline than any other state in the country, according to a new study that ranked the Cowboy State as the fourth "least green" state.

Wyoming finished last for the highest per capita gasoline consumption nationwide and tied for three other states for the most overall energy consumption per capita. Wyoming also ranked 47th for soil quality and 43rd for the percentage of recycled waste. On the bright side, Wyoming was tied for the second best air quality, ranked 21st for consumption of renewable energy, and 23rd for water quality.

Lousiana was ranked as the least green state in the study, followed by West Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming, and North Dakota. Vermont, New York, Oregon, Connecticut, and Minnesota were the five greenest states.

South Dakota was ranked as the greenest state in the region, 9th nationwide. Colorado took 21st, while Utah, Montana, and Nebraska, ranked 31st, 33rd, and 36th, respectively.

Along with energy consumption, air, soil, and water quality, recycling, and renewable energy consumption, the study also compared the amount of solid waste generated by each state along with the percentage of energy efficient buildings and homes.

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