It has been just over a year and a month since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and things are looking better every day in terms of getting back to normal, slowly but surely at least. But as the updated statistics show, Wyoming is still among the safer states throughout it all.

WalletHub recently researched how safe each state has been since the start of the pandemic, just as they had previously. While we certainly took a slight drop in the rankings, Wyoming still holds strong as the 18th safest state during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A glaring statistic that stands out considering the drop is the fact that Wyoming has one of the lowest Covid-19 vaccination rates in the country. We are currently 48th in the U.S. Of course, the reason why things are getting back to normal everywhere else is due to their much better vaccination rates than ours. That also tells why our ranking dropped in the most recent research.

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However, thanks to our natural ability to social distance given that we're in Wyoming, we have the 5th lowest positive testing rate for Covid-19 and have the 4th lowest death rate from Covid-19 in the country. This was why we're still ranking relatively well as one of the safest states during the pandemic.

In terms of our region, Utah is now the 8th safest state overall, while Colorado is ranked 20th. Nebraska is the 25th safest state in the country. You can check out where all the other states rank on the map below.

In the meantime, stay safe out there, Wyoming! We're getting there.

Source: WalletHub

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